18th ECNS 2023

Dear Friends,

We are proud of holding another annual meeting of the ECNS in Istanbul.

It has been 25 years passed since its first establishment. ECNS is one of most prominent societies engaged with clinical electrophysiology. There are several methodologies approaching to explore the human mind. Electrophysiological technics are always attractive for the clinicians as well as the scientists. Several questions are being answered via those methods. Therapy response prediction, diagnosing the pathologies, are among them. Although we have tremendous experience and data in hand, there are still some shortcomings of the EEG, QEEG etc. In order to overcome the problems related to reproducibility, sensitivity, specificity and other statistical points, now the multimodal approaches are in routine use. Nonetheless, genetic dimension of the multimodal neuroimaging technics is lacking. It is obvious that genetic basis of the electrophysiological markers is very important to explore the state-trait dependent dichotomy. That is why we reserved the data which shed light on the meeting point of the electrophysiology and genetics. Afterall, we wish you all enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul. Warmth wishes.

Prof. Dr Kemal ARIKAN Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan